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Quality Assurance for the Automotive Industry

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We automate visual inspection

The IUNA Auto Scanner can be used flexible in the quality assurance of automotive manufacturing processes.

With the help of high-resolution cameras, deep-learning-based AI models and continuous tracking of the vehicle position, surface defects of different types can be classified and localized fully automatically. All measurement results get documented and displayed in real time. In this way, the current and past quality level can be efficiently tracked.

Paint Shop

Inspection of painted surfaces for paint damage identification and surface geometry errors​


Presence check and surface inspection of add-on parts


Inspection of the vehicle surface for defects and presence check of add-on parts

Automation without limits


For our QA software, we combine the latest methods and AI models. The system software gets optimally adjusted, tested and adapted for the respective use case.


The user interface of the Auto Scanner is customized for each type of vehicle and can be used without prior knowledge.


The security of your data is our top priority. All data processing runs locally or via an encrypted cloud system.

In-line Integration

Each Auto Scanner can be integrated in-line without interrupting the ongoing production process. At the same time, the system is characterized by a space-saving design.


Muti-GPU processing enables the Auto Scanner to process large amounts of data in a short time. This means that the system can be used at low cycle times.



Only the latest camera and lighting technology is integrated into our Auto Scanner. By optimizing the software and hardware, we maximize the reliability of the inspection.

How it works


Measurement start

First, the vehicle number is read from the vehicle card via OCR scan technology. Then the vehicle model and paint color is recognized. Depending on the paint color and vehicle model, the parameters of the cameras in the light tunnel are adjusted. The system starts, stops and pauses fully automatically.


Measuring process

The AI station receives the image data of the cameras and processes it in real time. During the measurement, the position of the vehicle is tracked. Once the measurement is finished, the measurement results get stored in the database.


Measurement results and rework

All defects and their exact position on the vehicle are displayed on the monitor. This provides the respective specialist department with all the necessary information for reworking as well as statistics on the current and past quality level.

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