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IUNA AI Systems GmbH is a company founded in 2020 and based in Heilbronn, Germany. We develop deep learning based camera systems and image processing software to automate quality assurance in industrial manufacturing.

Our Mission

We want to take automation in industrial production to the next level, especially in the area of visual inspection and quality assurance. In doing so, we help companies to work more efficiently plus increase the quality of their end products.

At a time when work needs to be done faster, better and more efficiently and cost pressure on companies is increasing, employees and companies are reaching their limits. At this point, technologies have the potential to support with artificial intelligence.

We are leaving behind the time when people are burdened with repetitive and physically demanding work. We want employees to be able to invest their energy in creative and value-adding tasks. To achieve this, we bring the latest technological developments of software and hardware in the field of image processing to the industry.



Jan Nabatian - CEO

Jan studied software engineering in Stuttgart before working in the field of production analysis in the automotive industry. Since 2020, Jan has been leading IUNA AI as Managing Director.


William Chen - CTO

William studied automotive engineering in Beijing and Karlsruhe before working as a development engineer in the automotive industry. Since 2020, he has been head of product development at IUNA AI.


Samira Nabatian - COO

Samira studied economics in Nuremberg before working in commercial project management at Siemens. She has been Head of Business Development and Finance at IUNA AI since 2020.


IUNA AI Systems GmbH
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Our goal:

Taking visual inspection to the next level