AI Vision Systems

for automated Quality Assurance

AI Vision Systems for Industrial Manufacturing

We deliver complete solutions for visual quality control and inspection. Even without knowledge of industrial image processing, you can easily automate and optimize your processes.

Our vision systems enable highly automated inspection of a wide range of surfaces, products and materials. Simply in-line and without expensive conversions of the production line. We do not only identify different defect classes, but also output the exact defect positions on the object.

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Your benefits

cost savings

Our customers save up to 80% of their annual costs by automating their visual inspection processes with our products.


The results of an automated inspection are precise and consistent. This improves the quality of the end products.


Due to autonomous data acquisition, process-related errors become transparent and can get avoided during production.

Our products

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AI Scanner

With the IUNA AI Scanner, we offer a flexible single- or multi-camera system that can be used for a wide range of visual inspection tasks.

Weld Seam Scanner

The IUNA Weld Seam Scanner offers an innovative solution for the inspection of weld seams for both manual and robot-assisted welding.

Auto Scanner

With the IUNA Auto Scanner, we offer a camera system that has been specially developed for quality assurance in vehicle manufacturing.

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We support you on your way to autonomous inspection

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We support you on your way to autonomous inspection