AI Vision Systems

for industrial manufacturing

Deep Learning based camera systems and image data analysis

Today, visual inspection on the shop floor is mainly done manually and is connected with high costs. Also, data on the quality level are rarely collected and evaluated, although it can significantly contribute to the detection of systematic errors. 

IUNA AI develops and manufactures AI vision systems to fully automate manual inspection in industrial manufacturing. Our systems enable highly automated inspection of a wide variety of products and materials. Easily in-line and without expensive production line rebuilds.

This is IUNA AI


1 million+

labeled images



scanned vehicles


100 million+

processed images

Vision systems setting new standards


Our systems were developed together with the automotive industry and thus meet the highest quality standards. In addition, they can be used during low cycle times.


Thanks to low hardware complexity and intelligent software, our systems can be integrated in-line into the existing production quickly and without any costly modifications.


Our software is the heart of the system and is developed in-house. This allows us to react flexibly to individual requirements at any time. 

Our systems will solve your tasks

Visual inspection in industrial manufacturing is often a time-consuming and tedious task. Moreover, there is no automatic collection of the data. This means that no conclusions can be drawn about the current and past quality level. The results of a manual inspection are also often subjective, inconsistent and error-prone. Due to the many challenges, this process often becomes a bottleneck in production.

Our systems and software provide support here and can solve your tasks. We automate visual inspection with intelligent AI-based software. In doing so, we not only identify the defects, but can also output the exact defect position using a positioning algorithm we developed ourselves. This data in turn creates the basis for autonomous rework.

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