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Deep Learning


to make manufacturing and logistics processes more efficient and cost-effective

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Computer Vision for Production Line Monitoring

Production Line Monitoring

Computer Vision for Inventory Sorting

Inventory Sorting

Computer Vision for Logistics Management

Logistics Management

Computer Vision for Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Computer Vision for Quality Control

Quality Control

Computer Vision for Inventory Handling

Inventory Handling

Perceiving the environment with suitable sensors and efficient AI models

3D LIDAR Point Cloud

3D LIDAR Point Cloud

Point Cloud Segmentation

Point Cloud Segmentation


Video Object Tracking

Iuna AI Data Pipeline

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Automated Quality Pipeline

Tech-enabled quality assurance systems to reduce costly human review without sacrificing quality. Customers are also provided transparency in regards to quality with statistical analysis.

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Operational Excellence

Operational excellence and expertise means extreme flexibility on quality and annotation requirements. We are able to flexibly ramp up or down large-volume data pipelines without sacrificing quality.

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ML-Powered Data Labeling

The Iuna AI Platform is built by machine learning engineers for machine learning engineers. Iuna uses machine learning to power pre-labeling and tooling to annotate large volumes of data efficiently.