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for optimizing industrial manufacturing processes

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intelx ai box

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Inspection of simple parts

Iuna AI Box

  • Surface inspection
  • Verification of presence / absence of components
  • Checking labels and stickers
  • Counting objects such as people or products
  • Production monitoring and documentation

iuna ai box pro

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Inspection of parts

Iuna AI Box Pro

  • Quality assurance of components
  • Inspection of larger surfaces
  • Check presence / absence of several components
  • Object/Person tracking over small and medium sized areas
  • Monitoring of inventory in small and medium-sized warehouses

iuna ai station

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Inspection of complex products of all sizes

Iuna AI Station

  • Quality assurance of sophisticated products of all sizes
  • Monitoring of production over several production stages
  • Object/Person tracking over areas of any size
  • Monitoring the inventory of large warehouses
  • Tracking automated guided vehicles (AGV's)