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2D and 3D image data analysis

Customized image data analysis software

Manual inspection and processing of images is a time-consuming and often complex task that can only be performed by trained professionals. Even when working under maximum concentration, errors cannot be avoided. As a result, the inspection results are prone to fluctuations and may be inconsistent or less accurate depending on the day. The data obtained must be documented and entered manually after the inspection, which is time-consuming.

All these tasks can be solved with the IUNA software. We automate the evaluation of 2D and 3D image data using deep-learning based AI models, conventional image processing algorithms and efficient data pipelines. By this, you get consistent output in a user-friendly user interface. Our self-developed user interface offers a maximum of flexibility in addition to extensive statistics, database and control chart functions. The integration of existing databases is possible as well.

Automation without compromise


Our software is developed entirely in-house and is built to be easily scalable. This makes it compatible with multi GPU processing and Nvidia Cuda support.

Efficient data pipeline

Our highly efficient data pipelines allow the data to be analyzed and processed quickly without compromising the quality of the output.


The auto-labeling function enables continuous retraining. This continues to continuously improve the accuracy of the software and thus speeding up the labeling process in advance.

Use cases







User Interface

How it works


Contact us and we will arrange an appointment. In a short meeting we talk about your use case and determine the requirements for the software in advance.


We then arrange an on-site appointment to collect sufficient image data for labeling. If you already have sufficient image data, you can send it to us right away.


From now on, our software takes over your inspection fully autonomously. If you have any questions or complications occur you can make use of our service.

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